There is power in doing something three times.

The first is awkward, timing is off and expectations battle with reality. Second time gets a little better for intensity, daring and understanding a little bit more about where true strength can be found. But that third time is when things start to feel good because that’s when confidence starts to show itself.

So what did you do three times?

Was it something in training, a new habit or writing that letter to yourself.

Whatever you choose to do, if it’s something you really want to to get better at then try at least three times before passing judgement.

If you are doing the Sunday Letter Challenge then take a look at the first two and see the evolution of how you talk to yourself. Reflect on how your own words make you feel and how time gives an amazing perspective into your current reality.

If something didn’t go right the first time but you still really want it then see if you can try it again.

If something has been done three times but it is still not working, then take a moment to understand your why. Some things are not meant to be. Maybe a change to do something else is your next best step.

Letting yourself have three tries before judging your abilities is a powerful way to get through the beginning of anything. But knowing when to shift your energies is just as important too.