So this morning I got stuck in the snow on the way to training. Obviously I had to adjust my plans.

While social interactions are limited right now, my bow has been a great source of stability, fun and stress release too. Competition is not what is missing for me as any training counts as a challenge to myself. Beating someone does not bring me any joy.

So while I am still stuck and waiting for a big monster truck to rescue me, I am thinking about all those people who can’t go out and do their normal training right now.

The frustration must be huge but then so must be the appreciation of all those times you could have trained but found some excuse not to do it..

What excuses have kept you from training in the past? Will you continue to use those excuses in the future?

There will always be something which makes just getting to a training session become a challenge. You have to decide how to beat those excuses be it a meter of icy snow, a global virus or whatever else seems to get in your way.