What things would you change about your lockdown? If granted three wishes, what would you have done to prepare yourself, relationships, projects, health, location?


Examine deeply how those changes would be better for you today if your actions had been different? Ask yourself why 3 times and keep digging below surface answers to get to the real reasons. Don’t wimp out on this. Get beyond simple excuses and discover what you actually believe to be necessary now.

What if we are only half way through this? There is still time to make good choices which support your true needs.

If certain things have not gone well, then wishing that you had done something differently won’t change today’s result.

The only thing that you can do is admit what is truly important for you now and start taking action to prove it.

Stop wishing for things to be different. Take charge of your life no matter what has already happened. And stop trying for this to be perfect. It won’t be.

But living your life a little better is possible if you start taking action today.