There is always talk about yin and yang, the good and the bad, love and hate… the balance between those forces are suppose to be goal. Let’s start saying no to that.

Yesterday, I was able to feel both sides of the spectrum. The amazing positive stuff made me feel like a Care Bear beaming a rainbow back into the world. The negative felt like a black hole sucking all my energy into nothingness.

This kind of balance is not acceptable.

There is no desire for me to go through life trying to have the good and bad flow back and forth, while I am in the middle of everything just trying to hold on.

For anyone dealing with negativity in their life, stop trying to find the positive in order to achieve balance.

The negative should never be considered acceptable just because something good happens to rebalance the scales.

You can choose to eliminate so much of the bad stuff. Take the time to review and modify your lifestyle to make it better. Stop communicating with vampires who suck out your energy. And never maintain a negative because it’s easier than changing your behaviour.

Challenge yourself to consistently build upon the positive. Discover all the things you can do which make you feel beautiful. Focus on nurturing your inner strength. Let your actions prove your intentions.

Allow the positive to overwhelm your days and nights. Feel happy about your choices. Never hide your joy, your love or your desire to make your life special.

Become positively imbalanced with the way you choose to live your life.