Perfect Performance

Getting it done is amazing. Some finishes require more choices than others but one thing is always the same, no matter your goal… you gotta start somewhere and figure out how to keep going until the finish line is reached.

We wait for the perfect moment, the right setting, the proper equipment, suitable weather, enough space, and every other detail necessary to get it done perfectly. But we always forget something. There is always that little thing that gets in the way. Controllable or not, we get stopped along that perfect road.

For those who did not finish, perfecting the skill should not be the focus of the next session. Performers need to figure out how to get it done with as much mess as necessary and to be ok in that mess too.

Making it pretty is a waste of effort. Marketers might like it but their value is only about profits. That kind of evaluation is worthless to a true performer.

Excuses, regrets and what if’s are all signals that performance priorities are failing. If getting started is constantly blocked then the finish will always be out of reach.

The ability of performers to explain why something did not go as planned but still managed to adapt, is a brilliant indicator of how they prepared themselves. Anything which was overcome in order to get it done, shows where mindset learning has succeeded. If it got messed up while getting it done, then you know what needs to be practiced next.

Confidence will grow as curiosity pushes perceived limits. Learn to invest your energy in the mindset of getting it done.

Perfectionism does not help anyone to get it done. Learning within the messiness of sweaty mistakes will make you a true performer on whatever stage you choose.