Icelandic OPEN Nationals 2020

So I got few medals this weekend 💘

💘 Recurve NEW National Record
💘 Top Qualification score in both Women‘s & Men’s Recurve OPEN Categories
💘 Gold Individual Recurve
💘 Silver Mixed Team Recurve
💘 Silver Individual Barebow National
💘 Bronze Individual Barebow International

… qualification rounds in Barebow 50m and Recurve 70m. And 9 duels too. Very tiring considering the weather but overall it was kinda cool to do something a little different this time. Very happy to get another National Record! Next year I can compete in Master’s too so that will be absolutely wonderful 💘💘💘

Amazing thankful for Olafur Ingi Brandsson Daði Hrafn Sigurðsson and Izaar Arnar Þorsteinsson Definitely could not have done this weekend without your help!

As always, big virtual hugs to WIn Win Archery for their constant support since 2011. You make everything possible no matter where I am in this crazy world 💘