Improving Your Romantic Relationship During Lockdown

Challenges come in many ways. COVID is a challenge. Relationships are challenges. Finding peace in who you are is a challenge too.

As a coach, I am challenged to understand what my clients are dealing with. What is causing them harm and what is bringing them strength? When athletes need support, a coach can only do so much.

I am getting more feedback right now about how the lockdowns are challenging relationships.  Some ideas have been amazing. It is wonderful to see how creative people are being in finding ways to show how much they care about others.

For those wanting to challenge themselves to be better in their own romantic relationships, please take a look at the video below called:  STOP DOING These Things If You Want To FIND LOVE TODAY DeVon Franklin & Lewis Howe. Although the title is a bit misleading, the discussion is really interesting and very truthful.

I am not a relationship coach BUT I truly understand the value to athletes of having the support from someone who cares about them and their dreams. The video is not an easy solution for any one issue rather it challenges the viewer to understand their own ideas about inner peace and how that applies to romantic relationships. If you can handle it, then go for it because the rewards will help you to achieve so much more in your life than being alone could ever do.

Show notes can be found here…

*** If you are experiencing any violence in your relationship and want help, then please use the SOS Directory which lists some support services available in Iceland.