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Project 100

We all need easy things to do which will pay off in the long run. To that end, please read Project 100.

Once you have a few days of experience using this idea, then you can really start pushing your priorities too.

A quick start might include only physical challenges but if you need more then I would suggest trying nutritional, mental and/or emotional challenges.

  • Nutrition (count grams/ servings) – fibre, raw food, non-sugar drinks, number of different kinds of foods, sunshine (true vitamin D)
  • Mental (minutes/ repetitions) – mediation, deep breathing, learning about what matters to you, puzzle solving, count everything in another language
  • Emotional (minutes/ number) – hugs, cuddles, laughs, journaling, physical face time with friends

The task of counting to 100 is not complex of course. The challenge is deciding what you wish to count.

We all have different ideas of what will make us ‘better’ but we need to measure it too in order to prove it is working. By setting a number each day, it becomes a doable goal. You have all the power to make it happen. Be creative and have fun.

Use the CONTACT for any ideas you wish to share. I will add them in as they come. Thanks for all the ones so far 😉

Here’s a suggestion from Eric for a quick 100 to improve oxygen uptake, shoulder mobility and can assist with better sleep. It is at the intro level for Qi Gong, Nei Gong, & Dao Yin.