The sucker punches of life

Decisions made in the past turn into sucker punches when least expected. The wind gets knocked out of you and for a moment the shock consumes everything. The choices made before may seem wrong now… because you probably had some bad information, someone lied or you were allowing someone else’s feelings to count for more than your own.

While sitting in another plane this morning, my mind was playing with the result of an old decision. What if I had done something different? What if I had done this instead of that?

Yes life would be different BUT the past is the past. Today does not get any better by doubting what I did before.

So I said STOP —> not to the plane but to my negative self talk.

I know why I did what I did. I also know that things would be much different if I knew then what I know now…. but wasting another moment on those what if’s is not productive in any way.

When I said STOP, I was able to stop the crazy circle of wasteful negative thoughts… and then suddenly another surprising thing happened too.

STOP… Hammer Time. Yup now I have that song stuck in my head and my feet are dancing too.

I went from being upset / pissed off / sorry / guilty / sad … fill in any other inappropriate emotion… and became quietly amused at my own toes.

So my advice to you is —> when your crazy what if’s start spinning in your brain… just say STOP and see what song comes up next.

STOP Hammer Time

STOP in the name of love

STOP wait a minute

STOP hey what’s that sound

STOP Mr Postman

Today is about now. All those previous decisions were made because you had a reason to make them. Accept the consequences and use today to make a new decision. Don’t worry, there will be many tomorrows to doubt that one too 😉

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