With all this time away from normal routines, people are thinking a lot about their lives. It’s heavy. This reflection can bring about regrets, doubts and frustration.

Thinking about the past is normal.

But here’s the thing —> beating yourself up about it is not going to help anything.

When you make a decision, you use the information you have at the time. Later on when you discover additional info such as new truths, hidden traitors, make priority shifts, take on perspectives… you realise that a different choice would have changed your life dramatically.

But you cannot change today’s reality. It is not how life works.

Take this time to understand your reasoning and then accept what happened because if it. Forgive yourself for not knowing then what you know now.

Life is about learning to be better each day. Your past is a great teacher. But your life won’t move forward if you only stay in the classroom and listen to the teacher repeat old lessons.

Today is about using what you have learned. Graduate from your past and move on.

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