A week from now, your life will be completely different to what it is today.

How can you prove it?

Today’s challenge to write yourself a letter to be opened next Sunday.

Most people will write about their tasks to be completed or some pep talk stuff, but if you can do something a little deeper then you will truly help yourself.

When you pick up your pen – try to do it on paper instead of electronically – write about how you want things to be next week. Write about solutions and how some of the issues you have had these past few days will be resolved. List out your daily routine with all the steps you are doing to treat yourself well and keep yourself healthy.

Use this letter to tell yourself that in all the ways which matter most, you control what you do next.

This coming week is not about dreaming. It is about doing. Stop waiting for someone else to tell you that your life can continue. This is your life right now so keep living it.