If it has not been part of your new routine then make today the first day of sweating it out.

The ability to move your body, increase heart rate and let the sweat dribble down your face is very healthy.

Public saunas and gyms are probably off limits right now, so you need to figure it out in your own home.

Check online for body weight movements or dress up ‘heavy’ while cleaning (again). Depending on your climate, a good sweat should start within a few minutes. You should make it last for 20 minutes. ***Take care to watch for dehydration, dizziness, blurry eyesight or a heart rate that feels too high. That could mean it is a little too much effort for you today.

Sweating is a great way to work out stress. Your body will feel relaxed after it is done so all that home bound squirminess should be better as well.

Even though your mental health needs to do brain dumps every day, remember to let your body sweat it out. Those two daily actions will keep you feeling much more healthy and balanced than all that scrolling, comfort eating and couch potato positioning.

Inaction might seem easy right now but I promise you, that a lack of self care today, will come back to haunt you tomorrow.