Official Statement 23/08/20

There is much to be said about the truth. Behind many stories, there is always a reason and it always should be told.

By now many of you are aware that archery in Iceland is full different stories and allegations.

I am a qualified archery level 2 coach by US Archery, officially recognized by World Archery. I have been in this sport since 2008.

I have diplomas from the United Kingdom’s Stonebridge College in Peak Performance Coaching and Sports Psychology. I also have my diploma from the PGA Europe as a Golf Psychology Coach.

I am a Peak Performance Coach, not a psychologist. Never have I worked as a psychologist or claimed to be one nor has the Ministry of Labor or the Directorate of Immigration in Iceland or any other country, granted me a visa to work as a psychologist. If presented me as a psychologist that is their false assumptions not mine.

Laws in Iceland regarding persons under 16 years old and archery, state that you are not allowed to fire an arrow from a bow of more than 7 kgs. I was directly informed of this on July 16, 2020, and as of that date, I have behaved in full accordance with the Weapons Act in Iceland (Vopnalög nr. 16/1998). There are no exceptions to this law and therefore, I will not make any either.

In every country in which I have coached, there has always been a requirement to have a clear police record. Here in Iceland, sexual offenses will block a person from being able to coach, but convictions of drug trafficking, fraud and violence are not obstacles. When I found out that former convicts are considered ok to coach, it made me physically ill. And when I found out that others have known about it but done nothing, then it made me personally question their own personal values too.

I can truthfully say that my clients are the absolute best no matter where in the world they are. So for those wanting to become a client, my door is open but under no circumstances will I allow someone to break the law while I am being their coach.

This statement is written as an answer to this correction: